The Christmas Card Game

Send free Christmas e-cards to your friends!

Each and every card on this site is a doorway into the Christmas Card Game, an endless loop of fun games, puzzles, quizzes. You can also send any free e-card to up to five different email addresses without having to leave the game.

To begin, simply start your journey with a side order of sprouts and make your way through the loop as best you can. Any card you discover and take a liking to you can then send on to your friends, free of charge. (Hey, you've earned it!)

Hint: there are currently 24 cards in the loop, and your best shot on most cards is to use your mouse to explore for anything hidden that can be clicked when there are no visible navigation options, and/or go with your gut on any question(s) you are asked.

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Merry Christmas from Jellyfish!